Submissions and Freelancers Guide

At Jus’ Jah Magazine, we are always interested in hearing from creatives who want to work with us, and we welcome submissions if you are a writer, photographer or artist (illustrator).

We are particularly interested in writers who can create informative and entertaining pieces about Reggae music, Caribbean culture, Rastafari, African history and culture and many other areas.

For photographers and artists, we welcome images that will fit in well with our publication.

These guidelines are intended to outline what our editor is looking for and how to pitch your writing/image and what our conditions are.


Before sending in your idea, make sure it is the kind of story we would publish.

In general, we are looking for reggae, Rastafari, dancehall, Caribbean and African and diaspora stories from around the world, that can inform, entertain, inspire our readers and audience.

Payment & Copyright

We pay per words on pieces we commission. The editor handling your story can tell you our going rate. Payment will be sent via the payment method you prefer, and you should receive a payment within 30 days of your piece being accepted.

Before we can publish any article, the writer must sign a copyright agreement giving our publisher all rights to the article. This will cover “the form of words used”, which means you can’t sell the same article to other publications. You can, however, still write a different article on the same subject for them.

Jus’ Jah Magazine receives many pitches, so do not be offended if we do not commission your work.

Where we can, we will provide feedback on how you can improve your pitch.

We pay writers/artists/photographers that we commission, so please ensure you keep to deadlines and follow any guidelines given to you by our editor.