How to Pitch

Writer:  Please send a summary of your article idea (3-5 sentences), why you think this would be of interest to Jus’ Jah Magazine readers, also include any links to previously published work, if you have any.

Photographer: Have you captured a breath-taking image, that you want Jus’ Jah Magazine to use? If so, send us the following, a sample of the image, your name, year the picture was taken and the location. DO NOT send the original image, until your submission has been accepted.

Artist/Illustrator: We are always looking out for great art to include in our magazine. If you have an idea, you want us to consider send us the following, a description of your idea, your name and a sample of your artwork. DO NOT send the original artwork, until your submission has been accepted.

Exclusive Stories

Jus’ Jah Magazine has a strong connection in the reggae industry, and we receive press releases from major PR companies, but we are always on the lookout for stories that our editor and staff may not have spotted.

Jus’ Jah Magazine, expects all reporters and writers to interview their primary sources and to check any facts, simply reworking press releases is not acceptable.

Our readers are intelligent, and we ask all writers to create well-written, detailed and entertaining pieces.

We advise that you try to find stories that our reporters haven’t covered. Think of stories local to you and your country, does it have a wider appeal?  Will Jus’ Jah Magazine readers want to hear about it?  

Where to send your Pitch

Please send all pitches to